220 oven wiring and splicing question


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220 oven wiring and splicing question

I have a couple of questions on installing a new oven and splicing into the old 220 line. The old line has three wires - black, red & white. I needed to move the location by about 4 feet so I bought 5' of 6/2 wire. The new wire has black, white and copper gound. I intend to splice them at a junction box using collars with screws covered with shrink wrap and lots of electrical tape. Am I correct in assuming that the old black wire will be connected to the new black wire, the old red wire will be connected to the new white wire, and the old white wire will be connected to the new copper ground wire?

I also bought a new three wire power cord (40 amp 250v) and a matching receptacle. Using the new piece of 6/2 wire mentioned above, I assume the copper wire goes into the middle slot of the receptacle which is secured by a silver colored screw. The other two securing screws are both copper colored. Does it matter which side the black and white wires are attached to?
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No. Do not use the 6-2 wire that you bought. It is wrong and unsafe for this application. Using it would be dangerous and against code.

It is questionable whether you can even extend this circuit or not, as it is three wire. Most people would say no, you cannot extend the circuit. Others would say that you can.

However, if you were going to expand the circuit you need three insulated wires, which would be easiest done by buying 6-3, using the three insulated conductors and not using the bare ground wire.

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