Co-locating power with coaxial/phone line


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Co-locating power with coaxial/phone line

Is there any code requirements or a rule of thumb about locating electrical wire (14/2, NM) with cable and phone lines within a wall? Minimum seperation? I'm running all three in a new wall.
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Cross the low voltage cables (coax and phone) and the line voltage cables (NM) at right angles only. Maintain at least one foot separation.

The above are guidelines, and not requirements.

The only code requirement is that they cannot be run in the same raceway (conduit), and they cannot terminate in the same box.

If you use the same wall cavity cavity, run them on opposite sides of the cavity (assuming 16 inch spacing) If you use adjacent cavities don't put them on opposite side of the same stud.
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Along these lines, Home Depot now sells double gang boxes with yellow dividers, presumably so you can put 120V & low voltage (phone/cable) in the same box. They also have little yellow plastic "boxes" (that aren't really boxes since they have no back) that clamp to existing blue boxes for low voltage connections. Both of these then allow one double gang plate to be used and make for a clean look.
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Are there any of those low voltage addon brackets for metal boxes? Chicago doesn't allow any plastic boxes, but i like the idea of 120v and low voltage with one two-wide plate.

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