Converting a 220 volt socket down to 110 volt socket


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Converting a 220 volt socket down to 110 volt socket

I am looking for any help regarding the way I can convert a 220 volt socket back down to a 110 volt socket. Thanks. Michael Lewellyn
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Easy enough to do. The 220 volt outlet will have three insulated wires - should be red, black, and white. The white should be neutral, and the other two hot. Just use one hot and the neutral and you are good to go. The other hot is not needed for this, so you can secure it (wire nut and/or tape, ect) If you also have a bare wire this is your ground.
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tpaairman's directions may not fit.

A straight 240 volt circuit requires no neutral wire. When using NM type cable, 20 conductor wire (plug ground) is usually used. In these cases both the white and black wire are hot wires. For these, you would have to move the white wire from the breaker to the neutral buss in the panel. If, however, conduit is used and there are individual conductors then then neither should be white, and you will have to replace one of the hot wires with a white neutral, or add a white neutral wire to the conduit.

In all cases, you MUST make sure that the breaker you put in is correct for the wire size, that the receptacle used is appropriate for the circuit, etc.
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In addition to the reasons Bob gave, tpaairman may not fit for other reasons too.

If the circuit in question is a former dryer or range circuit (or many other things too), it will almost certainly have the wrong breaker size for your 110-volt application.

Furthermore, if the dryer or range circuit was installed prior to 1996, it most likely does not have a separate neutral and ground, which also renders the wiring useless for a 110-volt application.

More information would be needed to figure out whether this is doable.

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