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Question Junction Boxes

I am currently trying to correct a very bad wiring job done by the previous home owner. They did what seemed to be a splicing of the main wiring (tri plex) sic. It seems to be different than the 14-2 romex I just bought. I have placed junction boxes at 3 locations in the attic for ceiling fans. My questions are 1) With the 14-2 romex, how do I correctly wiring the junction box to (daisy chain) and additional fan? 2) How do I properly ground all junction boxes (metal)? 3) Lastly, how would I rewire the poor splice job previously mentioned?
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There are many different ways to wire the same thing, and the best way for you is based on the layout of your house. That makes it hard for us to design this without seeing it. I suggest you read several good books on home wiring so that you can learn the principles, and gain the skills to do the design yourself. This is something that the previous homeowner didn't do, so you want to avoid similar mistakes.

However, we can give you some pointers. But one key piece of information we need is to to know how you want to control the ceiling fans. Do you (1) want to use pull chains, (2) use a remote control, (3) use one wall switch to control the entire fixture, or (4) use two wall switches for separate control of the fan's motor and the fan's light (or maybe use a special wall control supplied by the fan manufacturer, in which case we'd need to know the make and model)?

To help you with grounding, we need to know if your house currently has grounding.

Splices today are pretty much only done one way. Use wire nuts in permanently accessible and covered junction boxes.
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The master bedroom is being controlled by remote control, the other 2 bedrooms are being controlled by pull chanis and both have lights. I have already monted 3 junction boxes and ran the 14-2 romex in the attic. The wires have been prepped for hook-up. I cannot answer the grounding question. Going from the master bedroom toward the the front of the house is how I have run the romex. The master bedroom is the closest to the poor splicing. I am not sure what that wiring is called (triplex maybe), it has at least 1 mor wire that is red that I can see.
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If the fans don't need wall switches, then the connections are all easy. Connect all wires by matching color in each box. You will connect the fans' green wires to the bare wires, the fans' white wire to the white wires, and both of the fans' hot wires to the black wires.

Today's 14/2 cable has one black wire, one white wire and one bare wire. There is no red wire in the cable and you don't need one.

Can you identify your existing cable by number and color of wires. So are all I know is that it has a "red wire", is "different" and "has at least one more wire". What else? Describe the existing cable fully.

At a minimum, you must also figure out what circuit it is on and exactly where that cable comes from. If you cannot answer these two questions, then there's no way to do this project safely.

As to how to rewire the "poor splice job" you mentioned, I suppose that depends on what is "poor" about it. The only way to correct a "poor" job is to do a "good" job. We need more details.
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If I understood you correctly previously, I should wire all the junction boxes that have the 14-2 romex color coded and the uninsulated together separately? I am not sure where the bigger wire comes from, I would assume though that it heads to the master bath as that is the direction it is heading. It is really hard to determine where any wires are going or coming from as the previous owner had blown cellulose put in the attic. At this time, I would hope that I could leave the splic that was previously done alone and wire the ceiling fans so that they work. If I wire all together with wire nuts in the junction boxes, would it be wise to ground the non insulated wire to the fan housing or should it be wired directly to the fan?
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Sorry, but I don't really have enough information to properly advise you.
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On the ceiling fans, if you are simply talking about taking the source ( HOT LINES ) directly to the ceiling fan itself so they work off pull chain then do as John has stated in that at the fan you will have the following color wires..

(1) Black (1) White ( 1) Blue and (1) Green - Ceiling Fan Wiring

IN the 14/2 w ground you will have ( 1) Black (1) White and (1) Bare Wire

If you have no wall switch at the fans and simply want to control the light and fan from pull chains on the fan itself you need only connect all the blacks together and connect the BLUE wire with the blacks as well.......now you also need to connect the BARE wire with the green wires in the fan wiring itself as well and if the box being used is metal you need to connect to the box as well.

Now...John asked you if the house had a ground in it......you stated you could not know this....but you should know this.....just go to your panel and if possible and if comfortable...look inside it and see if you see bare wires connected to a terminal bar....or open up a existing wall switch that you have had for some time and known to be original....does it contain a bare ground wire or check a receptacle and unless someone changed them...are they 3 hole plugs or 2 hole plugs.....if 3 hole....remove one and check to see if a ground wire is present.....those types of things....

NOw....in the example above...lets say you have a wall switch you are controling the light or fan....meaning you might have a " switch leg " from one of the ceiling boxes down to the wall switch..in this case you are going to use the BLUE wire in the fan wiring kit for the light switch.....

Now as JOHN stated.....we can't proceed telling you how to wire this without confusing you an us knowing what is actually in the ceiling boxes and how you intent to operate it.....for example whats in the wall switch running up to the fan you plan on controling by a switch...a 3 wire...?....a 2 wire...?.....

We need more information....

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