Electrical Rough-In Inspection


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Electrical Rough-In Inspection

Could somebody point to a write up/URL on electrical Rough-In, I have some fundamental questions.. what degree of finishing will be expected at this stage. should the circuits be complete/connected to the breaker box, Should the HVAC system be connected and running etc...

The kind folks in gwinnett county Inspection dept had a this reply "if you do not know this then you should not be doing it, go get a professional"

Many thanks in Advance.
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Sad to have to say this ggops but they do have a point....anyway basically the rough in stage you need to have all circuits run and down to the panel location but do not need to be cut into the panel at this stage...but our crew does it anyway to save time on the trim out.

You need to have all cables run, in the boxes and joints made up so that all that is left is basically what we call trimming out.

If you have light boxes up they need to be cut in as well, if they are to be a flourscent light and such you can simply have the wire stubbed out which is also true for the range ( if you are going surface mount ) and so on.

Basically it is broken down into steps for the inspection process, Rough in above and then comes either finish inspection or if you wish early inspection to get power going into the house before your final.

But long story short....you need to have all the runs in place, all the boxes nailed up and wires in the boxes made up and ready. The inspector will check your supports, spans, code compliant wire per required circuit, in some cases if they are real detailed your box fill and wire length and some other issues which are part of the normal rough in.

Hope this helps
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Many thanks for the reply. Its the terminology and bureaucracy that seems confusing and hard to figure.

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Nobody was born knowing how to do electrical work, and everybody had to learn sometime.

Think of it this way. At rough-in time, the inspector must inspect everything that cannot be inspected when the project is finished. So clearly you must complete everything that will be covered up by insulation or drywall.

So the next thing to think about is what will make finishing the job more difficult. For example, having the receptacles in the boxes will make drywalling difficult, so you don't want to have those there before the drywall.

In between these guidelines, there is still some latitude. For example, the connections in the panel won't interfere with the finishing work, and they can be inspected at either rough or final. So this gets into an area of personal preference by the inspector. Your inspector doesn't seem inclined to tell you his preference. So I'd say, "when in doubt, do more". The inspector is more likely to complain about something not done that he wanted done than vice versa. In each box, I'd connect everything possible without the device or fixture. So all grounding wires should already be connected at rough-in, with only the pigtail for the device left unconnected. In switch boxes, all the neutrals should already be connected. In a double-gang switch box, the two power pigtails (one for each switch) should already be connected to the power feed. Etc., etc.

One trick you might use if there are any houses under construction in your area is to visit the site after it looks like the electricians are all finished with the rough-in. See what they did.

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