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220 plug

i just purchased a 5200 watt genarator...it has 4 110volt outlets and 1 220 volt....the 220 volt they gave me a male plug,that has 4 prongs ...i opened the plug and it has 4 terminal screws...what size wire should i use to make an extention cord.....i will be running a 220 volt 18500 btu airconditioner in the event of a power failure...and a refrigator.(110 volt)..
the plug is 20a-125/250 volt.....its has a green screw ground,2 brass terminal i would say is hot,and 1 silver terminal i would say is the nuetral...
also as far as the female end,i was thinking of using an outlet box with a cover for the receptical....unless i can find a 220 volt female end plug type for an extention cord...
my 220 line in the house is run with 2 wire ac cable...one white and black both hooked to a 20 amp 220 breaker..no nuteral .

would it be alright to run 2 wire plus ground 10 ga romex as an extention cord,(40feet),and hook the ground to the green terminal on male plug end,and white and black to the brass terminals...
thanks for any help...generator didnt come with a manual,i will be searching online for a troy built manuel....
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You can do this and it will work. Just use the proper female end for the a/c.
This is not the preferred way to go since it is technically not right to have two different ends on the cord. The only reason I say it is ok is that is just for temporary use.

Your best bet is to use a generator panel to control several circuits in the house . This way you just leave all the appliances plugged in as they are.
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You want to make an extension cord with a male end and a female end. I recommend that you do this properly, using four conductor SO cord. This cord will have two hots, a neutral and a ground. You can use 12 gage, or 10 gage.

Then I would make a plug for your air conditioner that simply leaves the neutral open.

Whatever you do, do not attempt to back feed your electrical panel without the proper transfer switch in place.

Also, be careful trying to use both the 240 volt generator output and a 120 volt output. The generator will not like the unbalanced load since one of the hot sides may try to pull too much current.
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thanks guys for the info...under no circumstances would i try to hook this small generator to my panel...the more i think about it i would not even use the 220 air conditioner...i rather just use a 9000-btu in the bedroom ,the refrigarator,and my pond pumps..im looking at about 3000 watts,that good to make sure the generator is not overloaded...cause it does say 5200 starting watts,so i will figure on 4000 watts under a heavy load....thanks again...
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One thing: you can't use _romex_ to make this 'extension cord'. Romex is intended for indoor _ permanent _ applications. The solid conductors will not flex properly, and will eventually break, and the insulation and sheath are not designed for portable cord use. Be sure to use a suitable flexible cord, eg SO or SOJ cord.


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