removing a three way switch


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removing a three way switch

I had a contractor in to do some work in my home and in the process a three-way light switch had to be removed and the two remaining switches converted back to singluar. (please forgive my lack of knowlege on correct terms).

In removing the switch the contractor twisted the wires together using the plastic caps and tucked them into the wall. In relating this to a friend I was told this might be against code. Does anyone know if a splice box should have been used in this case? Is this a fire risk?

Thanks in advance.
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usually all electrical wire should have wire connectors on it
or tape up in a fashion not to short
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All splices must be in permanently accessible junction boxes. To make a splice outside of an electrical box, or to make a splice inacccessible, would be a serious code violation. Do not allow this to stay the way it is. I suggest you report the contractor to the whatever agency issues his license. This guy is a walking plague on the community.

The only exception to this would be if all the wires are completely deenergized and not energizable (i.e., disconnected at both ends). I do not believe that to be the case here (otherwise, why connect them at all).

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