Wiring through cathedral ceiling


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Wiring through cathedral ceiling

As part of remodeling my kitchen, I am removing the existing ceiling and building a cathedral ceiling, using 2X10 joists. The electrical panel is on the far wall of the kitchen, and the shortest path to the panel from the rest of the house is through the ceiling. Since it's a cathedral ceiling, there is no attick space above it and therefore no access (just the exterior roof).

I know it is acceptable and within code to run wire through the cathdral ceiling joists, but I was wondering if I could drill larger than usual holes (say 1") and run several wires at a time, instead of drilling several smaller holes, and possibly comprimising the strength of the ceiling.

Also, are there any concerns with the wires overheating, since directly above them is the shingled roof on the south side of the house? It will be properly insulated with R30 insulation, and will have a 1" air pocket between the insulation and exterior decking.
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I would run groups of 2 romex through 3/4" holes 6" apart from each other; possibly 3 romex through 1" holes.

As long as you only drill through the center third of the joist (top to bottom), the strength shouldn't be reduced. Also, try to avoid drilling near the ends of the joist where it sits on the beam/wall.
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Several spaced-out smaller holes probably has less structural impact than one larger hole. But you can do either. If you put the wiring through the middle of the insulation, heat should not be much of an issue.

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