Breaker Sizes


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Breaker Sizes

Hello i was wondering if anyone knows what the difference is in the 1" breakers and 1/2" are and also

what size receptacle you should use in bedrooms and new kitchen.

here are what i am looking to install

bedroom 1

6 - receptacle

1- receptacle for AC

1 - Ceiling Fan

Bedroom 2

4 - receptacle

1 - Ceiling Fan

New Kitchen


Garbage Disposal

Microwave Build in but it is a 120 volt.

5 maybe 6 receptacle

1 - Ceiling Fan

What i am looking for is what size breakers to uses either 15 amps or 20 amps to.
Hope i didn't lose anyone or not make sence.
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In general, 1" and 1/2" breakers are equivalent. Not all panels, and not all spaces in the panel, accept 1/2" breakers. The label in the panel will tell you if and where they are allowed.

Much of what you ask is covered by very specific codes. If you don't already own the $6 green paperback Wiring Simplified, buy it.

In all of the places you mentioned, you are allowed to use 20-amp breakers. In some of them, you are also allowed to use 15-amp breakers. So the safe choice is all 20-amp breakers.

The bedroom A/C should probably have its own circuit, separate from the circuit serving the other receptacles in the bedroom. Bedroom circuits in most places of the U.S. require an AFCI breaker.

In the kitchen, it is preferred to give the dishwasher and disposal their own individual circuits, but you may put them on the same circuit if you want. The built-in microwave should also get an individual circuit. It is recommended to give the refrigerator its own circuit as well.

Code is extremely picky about the placement receptacles serving the countertop in a kitchen. GFCI protection is required on all of them.

Everything you mention is highly regulated by code. Study the codes carefully before beginning. This is no place to get creative.
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The difference between the 1 inch and 1/2 inch breakers is a 1/2 inch.

It was too easy.
I couldn't resist.
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don't think i have heard of this book Wiring Simplified
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It's available in the electrical aisle of most Home Depot stores. Best $6 you'll ever spend.
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Yep......costs less than the StarWars Movie and can save your life......Get the Book...
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went out looking for this book no luck at lowes or the home depo
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It's avaliable via Amazon.

I assume you checked the electrical aisle (in a bag, hanging on a peg) and not the book rack at Home Depot. For some reason, they sell it in the former but not the later location.

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