220 With Only Ground As Common


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220 With Only Ground As Common

I want to tap 220 from my AC feed to support a 110 box in my new workshop. I found that the incoming wire to the AC is only a two lead with a ground. No Neutral? Four questions: 1) Is the ground wire acting as Ground and Neutral or just neutral and there is no ground? 2) Is it safe for me to run a 3 lead wire with ground to my workshop? 3) [I have my workshop box grounded] Should I run the two hot leads and the neutral over to the workshop and let the workshop ground protect that system? 4) Is that 2 lead wire to the AC so unsafe that I should rewire it before I proceed?
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Without a neutral you can not get 110 volts from 220 volts.
You can not use a ground as an neutral wire.
Run a new line for your workshop but first make a list of the amount of current you will be needing.
Do you need 220 and 110 or just 110 volts.
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You cannot tap this circuit for several reasons.

Your AC does not have a neutral, and doesn't need one. With pure 240 volt devices, there is no neutral current.

The AC feed, or circuit, is likely sized just for the AC, or at least it should be. You would not be able to use the AC and anything else (except perhaps a very small load) without tripping the breaker.

Run a new circuit for your other needs.
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And,,, your concept of ground needs some clarification. You need a ground wire back to your main panel to be grounded, saftey grounding isnt to a stake pounded in the earth.
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Thanks to you all. I can do it safely now. I only have one last question about the previous post in this thread. I will insure that any power entering my breaker box in the new workshop is connected back to the original which is my main box. Does it hurt that I have put a new grounding rod beside my workshop and connected it to my ground block in the new breaker box?
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If the workshop is detached, a grounding rod is required.

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