Bad breaker or something else?


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Bad breaker or something else?

Had older ac that was pretty beat up that kept throwing the 50 amp breaker outside because apparently it was sucking alot of juice. It would only throw the breaker during the day when it got hot but would not at night. Well, got a new 14 seer ac unit 5 ton put in and has been working like a charm and no breakers being tripped.... until today during the hot part of the day the outside breaker to the condensor trip AGAIN with this new unit..

Does this sound like a bad breaker? And if it is I could change it easy except that the outside service panel has NO way of killing the power to it to change the breaker except the meter itself! Would it be ok to change as long as I don't touch the bars etc.????
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Call the power company and ask them if they can pull the meter while you change the beakers.
Check to see if the connections are clean before setting in the new breaker.
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curt o.
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just a thought

had similar problems and the evaporater coil was too dirty making a/c unit work too hard. i live in louisiana so i know how hot it gets
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Has only trip once so far.... but if it did it once prob will again. Do electric companies usually charge to come out and pull meter while you replace a breaker?

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