bathroom in bedroom - AFCI needed?


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bathroom in bedroom - AFCI needed?

Is AFCI protection needed for wiring serving only a bathroom that is in a bedroom? Would it matter if the wiring going to that bathroom actually goes through any of the walls of the bedroom?

What about a loft located above the bedroom that is accessed by a permanent stairway entered through the bedroom? Would it matter if that loft has, or does not have, another entrance apart from the bedroom? Would it matter if that loft has an open balcony into the bedroom area?
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A bathroom in a bedroom is a bathroom, not a bedroom. Bathroom codes apply, not bedroom codes. Thus, no AFCI is required.

The electrical code does not define what a bedroom is, but most building inspectors interpret any room with a door and a closet and which is large enough for a bed as a bedroom. My guess is that that loft is considered part of the bedroom.

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