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Lightbulb Wireless light switch

I have a ceiling fan installed in a room and the switch installed in an undesirable location. Moving the switch and or running more wires is not an option due to the material makeup of the walls and ceiling.

So what are my options for a switch to control the light and fan...optimally separately, but not absolutely required. Wireless is the only way I can think of but I'm not sure of what would be the best products. I have looked at some x10 products that look Ok, but all of those are for plug in lamps. What I think I need is a module that can be wired into the circuit up at the ceiling wiring.

Also, I would prefer a wall switch and not a hand held remote that can be lost or misplaced.

Any and all tips, advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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A add-on remote unit, such as a Hunter All-Fan, installs in minutes and would solve your problem for about $40. I understand what you're saying about the potential for misplacing the transmitter. You can mount the remote transmitter on the wall if you want.

A battery-operated remote switch (about $30) also installs in minutes, mounts on the wall, would also solve the problem.
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Thanks John, but after reaccessing the situation I have found a way to rewire the circuit to allow the switch to be in an adjacent room to where the existing fan/light is now, and also at the same time run a separate circuit for the fan, which there isn't one now...both light and fan were controlled by one switch. It's going to be a fair amount of work but I will appreciate the end result.

Now this brings me to a new problem. The ceiling fan is installed in a sunroom with the wiring going to it through a conduit on the exterior side of the ceiling, and then goes through the ceiling via an LB service entrance. I have already removed the LB and installed a Bell box to allow for another conduit out the other end to travel to the exterior wall of the house, where I want it to pass through for the new wiring for the switches.

The existing wiring to the fan/light was just a switch loop, so I have already removed the existing switch and wire-nutted the black wires together to get the power to the fan/light. Since I want separate switches for the fan and the light I've figured that I will need four new wires from the fan/light fixture going to the two new switches in the other room.

The place where I am stuck is how to transition the wiring from the conduit through the stucco wall to the romex. I have already picked the location for the hole for the new wires to pass through, and getting the wires to the switches is not a problem. I'm just not sure how to make the transition from the wires in the conduit to the romex...running conduit all the way down is not real feasable. I was going to use the old LB service entrance that I just removed, but I'm not sure that's a good plan...doesn't seem large enough.

What would be the preferred method for this situation?
Can I run the 12-3 romex from the switches all the way to the fan/light fixture through the conduit? That would certainly simplify things, but I have a feeling that won't be allowed.

Thanks for your help.

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