Remote Sub-Panel?


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Remote Sub-Panel?

I need to add about 60A to a back bedroom. I was going to install a sub-panel by the main breaker box & run individual 14-2 back to the BR, but can I run a big wire from a 60A (+/-) main breaker in the main panel back to a sub-panel in the back BR closet, & then run 14-2's from there?

Electrically & financially, this is a better solution, but I don't know what code says about this.

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You can do a sub-panel if you want. You cannot, however, locate it in a clothes closet, so you'd need to find a different location.

I find it hard to imagine you would need a 60A subpanel for a bedroom though. How many circuits are you planning? Keep in mind also that one 15A 220 circuit would more or less be the equivalent of TWO 15A 110 circuits. Extend that to a 60A subpanel (which is, of course, 60A @ 220), and it would be capable of supplying EIGHT 15A 110 circuits all at their full load at the same time. That's a LOT of juice in one bedroom!
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If I cannot put a subpanel in a closet, what are the guidelines for acceptable locations?

Approximate numbers are 220/20 for an on-demand water heater, 220/15 for a space heater, and 3 or 4 110v circuits for lighting, outlets, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, & stuff. So 220v/60A seemed like a good size.

If I can find an approved location for the box, will code allow me to use a remote sub-panel in this manner?

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Imagine a box 30"x36"x6'7". That is the space that must be clear in front of the panel. No storage, counters, boxes, shelves, etc. Can't be in a bathroom.
You may hide it behind door, sliding panel or picture as long when you open the door the subpanel front is clear.

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