One dead circuit


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One dead circuit

A couple days ago my wife was using the shop vac in the garage and it suddenly died. In testing other outlets in the house it was found not to be the shop vac. In further testing it was found that every outlet on a circuit controlled by a 15w breaker is out. I tried swapping the breaker wires with a circuit I knew was good and it is indeed not the breaker. It's the circuit. The question is where might the break be? I've inspected all the outlets and there are no loose wires. If one outlet goes bad will the entire circuit be broken? Or am I looking for something melted in the wall? All I know is all the outlets on this circuit are dead as door nails and none of them have continutity when tested so nothing appears to be shorting either. Also the house is 9 years old and has a standard breaker box.

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You need to look for a GFI breaker or receptacle and reset it. Depending on the age of the house it may be where you don't expect it, try the basement or even outside.
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The outlets are labeled GFIC but none of them have reset switches and the breaker that it is on is not a GFIC breaker. Like I said I swapped breakers and nada. So where else could the reset be?


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A few common spots for the GFI outlet is in garage on wall near breaker panel or in one of the bathrooms. Ive seen the GFI outlet buried behind shelving in garage a lot of times or behind a garage refrigerator

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