Popping breaker, trying to hook up dust collector


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Popping breaker, trying to hook up dust collector

Ok, here's the deal.

I have a table saw and a dust collector. The table saw is 220 and on it's own circut.

The dust collector is 115 volts and 15/7.5 amps.

I use to have this set up in a different home and at that time, I had a "friend of the family" hook it up.

I wanted the dust collector to turn on by a "light switch" at the table saw, instead of walking all the way around to turn it on.

The way he had it wired was..... He took an extension cord, cut the female end off, wired it to a outlet in a box that mounted to the backside of my table top surround. From there, he wired it in conduit from the outlet to the light switch to turn it on.

I couldn't duplicate what he did, because I took it apart a few years ago, so I don't remember how it was.

This time, I used 12/2 BX and tried the same thing, but I keep popping the breaker, no matter how i wire it.

I took the black from the extension cord and the black from the BX and tied them together on the gold screw. I then took the white wire from the extension cord and the BX and tied them together on the silver screw. I then tied the two greens to the green screw.

Then with the three wires going to the switch at the table saw, both screws are gold and I tired both ways with the white and the black, but both ways keep popping the breaker. I believe it's a 15 amp breaker in the panel too. 200 Amp service.

What am I doing wrong?
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dust collector switch

if i am understanding this correctly and you are using an extension cord to supply power to an outlet box that is controlled by a switch that your dust collector is plugged into ?..then ..

black from extension cord (assuming the cord is supplying power) to black on switch ........white from extension cord to silver screw on plug... white from switch to to gold screw on plug (this white wire is now really a "hot wire" when switch is in the "on" position and most likely should be marked as "black" for any future medling)... greens to ground... close the box and plug in the dust collector... plug in the extension cord...you now have a plug controlled by the switch....i am no electrician and dont know how legal this is but it will work...seek advice from master electrician

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I'm not exactly sure what you're describing, but using an extension cord as permanent wiring violates code and is unsafe.

The problem with your switch is that you are switching a hot to a neutral and creating a short circuit. Sounds like you've tried this several times and may have ruined your switch as a result. Possibly the circuit wiring too.

Replace the switch and consider replacing the extension cord with permanent wiring like an MC/BX whip.
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Whether or not it violates code or not, it works.

I was talking to an electriction on the jobsite where I'm working and he said the reason why is because I'm "Crossing". So he explained to me how to wire it properly and to make it work. I haven't tried it yet, as I've been working so much.

This tablesaw is being setup in my garage, so it's not an actual "Place of business shop"

I'm quite sure I could tear down the drywall and run it the proper way, but no thanks.

Billie, the way you described it was what he told me. I needed to create a "Switch Leg".


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