20amp GFCI breaker or outlet?


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Question 20amp GFCI breaker or outlet?

I need to put 3 GFCI circuits in my garage...(actually I've ran the wire/outlets etc.. and then realized I needed the gfci to pass inspection)...so I was looking the other day at one of the home centers and a 20amp gfci is $15....any chance the breaker's are cheaper?...

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Don't buy a 20-amp GFCI. Buy the less costly 15-amp GFCI. It'll do the same job, and it's legal even on a 20-amp circuit.
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The cheapest GFCI breakers I've seen are about $35 for single pole and $65 for double pole.
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I thought I needed a 20amp gfci outlet because it is a 20amp cirucuit...12ga wire...I will be running some of my woodworking machinery off of it....I would think that having a 15amp gfci would cause it to blow...

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A GFCI does not trip because of high current. A GFCI trips because of an imbalance between the hot and neutral wires. Unless you have tools that require a 20 amp circuit (ie ones that have a 20 amp plug on the end), you are fine with a 15 amp GFCI receptacle, as long as this is the US and not Canada.

However, saving $5.00 is not a big deal, so the choice is yours.

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