Changing reg outlet to GFI


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Changing reg outlet to GFI


As per my township codes, I need to have a dedicated GFI outlet in the unfinished area, in the basement.

Can anyone suggest whether it is easy to convert a reg outlet to a GFI ??

If it is too complicated, I might have to call my regular handyman to do tjis stuff.. (He has done some electrical work for me..Not certified though)...

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Yes, it's easy. All it takes is a screwdriver. The only thing you can screw up is mixing up the line and load connections. If there is just one black wire and one white wire, you can't screw it up--just connect to the line side. If there are two of each, you need to figure out which pair is which, or you can just connect it up and the GFCI itself will tell you if it's wrong and you can reverse the connections. If there are three or more of each, you might want to post back for more information.

Read all the fine print that comes packaged with the GFCI. And of course shut off the breaker and test the wires before touching anything. A simple $2 neon circuit tester is good. You might also want an $8 outlet tester (plugs in and has three lights). This gives you the warm fuzzy that you did it right. And of course test the GFCI with the test button after you get all finished.
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It took me sometime (1 Hr) to get this through.. I had swapped line and load wires, so took the extra 50 minutes... Now, a second GFI would take me only 10 minutes....... Thanks for the help....


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