Extension ring for round metal box cover?


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Extension ring for round metal box cover?

I have four metal boxes with a round cover-plates under the drywall in the ceiling of a new room and hall in my basement. I used 1/2" plates, then hired the drywall out and had 5/8" put on the ceiling. I blew that one. Now I have a 1/8" to 1/4" gap to deal with. I need to use an extension rings, right?

No problem, if I could find the one I need. I went to my local electrical supply store and got some that are apparently for larger opening in newer style plastic boxes. Searching on the internet, I can find the one I bought (Arlington, BE1R), but nothing else. I can find Raco extension rings for square boxes, but not for round ones.

So, I still need extension rings to cover a small gap on metal boxes (4" Raco?) with a round cover-plate. Exactly what part do do I need, and where can I find it?


PS: In case you are wondering: I used the metal boxes because we have steel studs and floor joists. Steel boxes are what the orginal contractor used on the rest of the house. Monkey see. Monkey do.

PPS: Our county does not do permits/inspections for projects like mine, but I want it to be safe, to-code, and correct.

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The Code allows up to a 1/4" gap as long as the surface of the ceiling/wall is non combustible. Quoting from the NEC , they consider non combustible as

concrete,tile,gypsum,plaster or similar material. Drywall falls under the gypsum category.

you basically have 2 ways to go

if you plan on leaving the gap, than all you will have to do is put a spacer behind the light fixture bracket when you go to hang it. 3 or 4 washers usually works for this.

If you need to make boxes flush, you can unscrew the box (if it's directly mounted to a stud) and put a spacer behind it, if it is the type that is around an 1 1/2" deep with a plaster ring then you will have to cut around the ring and install deeper ones. they make these in all different depths. The light fixtures should cover any rough patching that you would have to do.

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