Sub panel rewire.


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Sub panel rewire.

My main panel to this mobile home has wiring ran to a subpanel on an addition.

The 30 amp breaker in the main was kicking off periodically. Everything on the subpanel works fine and the breakers never kick.

I replaced the 30 amp in the main and have no more breaker kicking.

The 220 line which was for an ac is no longer needed so I decided to delete it. I removed the 2 hot wires from the breakers and the ground and removed the plug.

I then reinstalled the other 2 wall plugs wireing black and white to breaker & bare to ground.

I now have uninterrupted power to the subpanel .

For some reason my breakers are not operating and I have no juice to my 2 wall plugs.

There are 2 legs on the panel each with 120. There are 2 breakers one 30 and the other 50. Each breaker is on seperate legs so I should have 120 to each breaker?

Should the bar have 2 hot lines coming to it? Equalling 220? Everything worked till I deleted the 220 line.

Appreciate any thoughts. I just pulled the breakers in the sub panel till I learn how to wire them.
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I'm not exactly sure what you're describing, but let me take a shot at it:

1) You have a subpanel fed from a 30A double pole breaker in the main panel.

2) You disconnected a 240V air conditioner circuit and attempted to reconnect a 120V circuit using the existing air conditioner wire.

3) After the reconnection, your subpanel was energized even when the 30A breaker in the main panel was off.

Are all of these correct? If so, which panel was the air conditioner circuit connected to? Is there anything I missed?
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Sorry I confused you.

Main Panel has a 30 amp breaker dedicated to the subpanel in a room addition.
Subpanel has 2 breakers. One 30 amp and second is 50 amp.
I had no need for the ac wiring so I deleted it and the plug.

Subpanel has the same initial wiring which consists of a black and white wire to the two posts supplying the sub panel.

Below is a 30 amp breaker and a 50 amp breaker. There is one 2 plug recepticle to the 30 amp and one 4 plug recepticle to the 50 amp. I rewired both with black and white to breaker and bare to ground.

I now have power to the sub panel but nothing to my breakers. I check the bottom leads of the breakers and have no power henceforth my wall plugs are inoperative.
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Thanks folks for taking the time to read!

A friend stopped by and gave me a lesson on electricity.
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I hope he talked to you about 30 amp and 50 amp breakers feeding 120 volt receptacles.

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