lights dim


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lights dim

Is it normal for my lights to dim slightly for a splitsecond when the A.C. kicks on or I start the vaccum cleaner? Also does an iron draw a lot of watts?
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Yes, it is normal for light to dim when a large load kicks in. However, the amount of the dimming may be more than it should be.

Electrical appliances draw current. Irons draw more than most appliances.
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I dont think they dim much, sometimes dont even notice. The A.C. dims all lights in house, things like vaccum only dim lights on that leg.
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Any motor load you have (pump, AC compressor, vacuum, etc.) usually draws anywhere from 4 to 6 times its normal running current when you first start it up.This is called "inrush" or "locked rotor" current.
The reason for this is that the impedance (the counter emf created by the inductive reactance of the magnetic field) that limits the amount of current in a motor doesn't develop fully until the motor is up to speed. So when you first start it, the only thing limiting the current flow is the DC resistance of the wire. Since the motors start quickly, this only occurs very briefly. However, the large current draw during that period causes a voltage drop in the wire. The AC unit is big enough that you see it in the entire house. The vacuum, being smaller, evidently only effects the circuit it's on.
Irons draw a lot of current, but they are strictly a resistive load. Other than the slight variation in resistance caused by the temperature increase, there is no inrush or surge.
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this iron clicks on and off I guess every few minutes and seems to cause a very slight dimming effect much less than a.c. or vaccum have to be staring at light to see it.
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Everybody's lights dim when the clothes iron cycles if they have incandescent lighting on the same circuit. Think of this as a feature--it reminds you when you forget to turn the iron off.

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