240 to my garage


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240 to my garage

I want to run 240 service to my garage in order to run a 240 heater and a buzz box welder. I have a 40 amp 2 pole breaker and was thinking to use 12 guage direct burial (as I have to into underground conduit is this kosher??
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240-volt circuits are not general purpose like 120-volt circuits are. The only way you can get away with one circuit is if the electrical requirements of both appliances are identical (unlikely). You have to design each circiut for the appliance. Not only that, but each type of appliance has different rules in the electrical code. So welders have different rules than heaters.

And you are not allowed to run more than one circuit to a detached garage without installing a subpanel.

Finally, #12 wire is not big enough for a 40-amp circuit except in rare cases.

Start by reading the nameplate information of each appliance. Post the information here if you don't understand it.
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A machine that is commoly called a buzz box like a Lincoln 225 requires a 50A circuit. If you are welding and heating at the same time its going to be substancial depending on heater size. I think if I was running elect heat I would want 100A service.

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