Arc Fault Breaker trips intermittently


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Arc Fault Breaker trips intermittently

Hello, user here

About 3 weeks ago one of my arc fault breakers (cutler hammer) started tripping at random. Sometimes it could be in 3 hours or 3 days. There is no pattern. I unplugged everthing on the circuit and get the same result. My house is 3 years old and haven't had this problem before. The only thing I did different about 3 weeks ago was change my air filter with one of the thicker models (Filtrete) but I wouldn't think that would have an effect. The only reason I bring up the air filter is because on my electrical panel the AFCI breaker that trips is labeled "Vent Hood" even though it's my bedroom that loses power and not my air conditioner nor the vent hood over my oven range. Of note, I also have a regular breaker that's labeled bedroom and another AFCI breaker for the master bedroom that function properly.

Any suggestions before having an electrician come out to diagnose the problem?

Thanks in advance
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Call the customer service line at Cutler Hammer for guidance. Then post back and tell us what they say.
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Contacted Cutler Hammer tech support who said to try a couple things. First was to switch the 2 AFCI's to see if they are really the cause of the problem. The second was to trace the circuit and isolate it as much as possible by removing devices 1 by 1. He did say the AFCI comes with a 5 year warranty and would replace it if it's bad. I'm not too comfortable with troubleshooting the wiring or replacing the breakers in the panel so unless anyone has any other suggestions or explanations then I'm going to get an electrician to take a look at it. After getting shocked once, it's just not my cup of tea....

also, the Cutler Hammer rep said the air conditioner filter issue would not have an effect.

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