Placing exterior GFCI on switch


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Placing exterior GFCI on switch

I've got an exterior GFCI outlet that I'd like to place on a switch to control lights plugged into the outlet from inside the house. I was going to run some romex to the switch, put black tape on the white wires and, at the outlet, connect one end to the black source wire and the other to the back of the oulet. Besides this, is there any other thing I need to think about on this project due to the fact that it's a GFCI?

Another question, I've removed drywall from the wall with outlet and need to place the switch on an adjoining wall that is covered with drywall -- what is the easiest way to route the wire around the corner?

Thanks for the help.
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You will be creating a switch loop by running a single cable from the GFCI to the switch. If this is a 20 amp circuit, use 12 gage wire. If this is a 15 amp circuit use 14 gage wire. Connect the ground wire on both ends.

The easiest way to go around a corner is not to go around the corner, but rather to go from the receptacle up to the attic or down to the basement over to the other location and then up or down to the switch.

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