Service panel replacement


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Service panel replacement

I know that when a panel is replaced, a grounding rod must be added. An electrician I am considering for the job told me that, in addition, the solid aluminum conductor that runs from the panel to the water main must be replaced with a copper one and that bedroom circuits will need AFCI breakers. Does this sound right?
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Hi, I just replaced receptacles in my bedroom along with new romex from the service panel, to the j-boxes and then to the receptacles. I asked the inspector if I was required to change my breaker to an arc fault breaker and he told me no because it was an existing bedroom and not an "added" bedroom. Anyway, I priced the arc fault 20 amp breaker at the home center and they were 27.95 . Hope this helps.
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When you replace a panel the grounding must generally be brought up to code, so that means that the line to the water pipes must be brought up to code, and additional grounding added if necessary.

However, I would not think that bedroom circuits would need AFCI breakers (unless they presently had them) as they are existing circuits, and you do not need to bring existing circuits up to code just because the panel is being replaced.
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It kinda sounds like the electrician is trying to squeeze a little more work out of you. Unless the bedroom circuits are re-wired or otherwise modified during this work, updating them to the 2005 Code with AFCI receptacles is not required. I upgraded my service panel, that was the only work listed on my pernit, and that is the only work the inspector would even look at. Unless there is a glaring safety problem the inspector may see while looking at your permit-related work, they are not generally interested in the rest of the house, and generally assume that your wiring was installed to the Code of the day, and is grandfathered.

Hope that helps.

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Also, depending on the age of the house and how many reworks have been done, AFCI might not work due to multiwire circuits with shared neutrals. They're a good idea in any home however but not required for existing non altered circuits.

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