Which way is UP????

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Which way is UP????

On a 3-prong outlet, which way do you turn it? This has to be according to code in most places.

Do you turn it like a little face or the other way?
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I'd be interested if there is code on this. I like the face way!
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I've not heard of this being code anywhere, although it could be.

The reason you are starting to see this is a safety thing that some electricians are doing. The idea is that if you have a loose plug and some small object falls on it (like a paperclip from a desk for exampe) the item normally could fall onto the two main lugs causing a short at the lugs of the plug, but with the ground side up, if there is a ground lug the item would fall on that and fall off.
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The National Electrical Code does not have a rule regarding ground up or ground down.
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Your choice. Ground up, down, right, left - code does not care. It is common practise but not code to turn switched receptacles reverse of the others in the house.
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Some receptacles are even sideways, so it doesn't matter. If you like the smile. Go for it.
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This has been an interesting subject in my area. In a town close by, a guy supposedly got electricuted when a sheet of metal slid down the wall and connected to the hot side of a plug that was slightly out of the wall. The local code for that town has been rewritten to only allow plugs to be put in with ground side up. National code cares not...mount them up, down, 45 degrees, 20 degrees, anyway you want. Personally I prefer ground down because so many items are made to safely plug in this way (examples, transformers,air fresheners, etc.) I never heard of the switched outlets being backwards from the rest, but I like this idea, and will do this in the future (thanks joed). That's what is great about these forums!
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Positioning the receptacle ground up will only help prevent shocks caused by something metal sliding down the wall if the device plugged in has a ground . If the device plugged in has no ground then it makes no difference ground up or ground down. Most items in a residence have no ground, with the exception of appliances.
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lol.....here is my chance to put in a preference of my own for no reason at all...lol......I like Ground Down because it is towards the ground and easier to explain to helpers WHY we put ground down....

Ok....corny enough for you......but with some helpers we see we need to keep it as simple as possible as I do not want head electricians going around turn them around and so on after helpers are assisting in the trim outs...

Again just more needless dribble from ElectricalMan

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