Service upgrade


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Service upgrade

I just purchased a home that is about 10yrs old and it has a 200A service, however I want to increase the number of outlets in the garage as well as run a 40A or 60A service down to a shop that I will be building.

My question is since I only have space for 2 additional breakers, is there an easy upgrade path to do this.

Large load items are;
15 ton A/C unit
Clothes dryer
Elec Range

I don't plan on doing this myself but just looking for ideas.

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Does your panel accept tandem breakers? If so, you can replace some of the existing breakers with tandems and free up spaces.
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If you do not have plans on doing this yourself I would suggest you contact an Electrical Contractor who will come and give you an estimate on the needed items as well as give you the answers to the questions right away.

I can't say a whole lot about AC units but for some reason a 15 ton unit seems HUGE.....

I would guess the 15 Ton Unit might be a 60A circuit or MORE...might be a 80 or 90 the house 10,000 SQ FT???.....I think maybe you have a 5 ton unit...but again.....tell me this.....what is the SQ FT of your house.....

1.4% per each 1000 SQ FT space..... So...

An electrician even 10 years ago would not put a 200A service in a 10,000 Sq Ft the math is wrong some where........Something is not matching up here....

Could it be a 1.5 Ton mistake....

I could be wrong.....but tell me this...what is the Sq. Footage of the house because a 200A service on a house that needs a 15 Ton unit.....just does not add up.....
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Ok so I maybe a lot high on the AC unit, the home is 2700sq ft, and I know the previous owners put an AC unit in that was 150% of the recommended.
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lol.....well I was going to say because if you had a 15 Ton unit at your house you would have over 10,000 Sq Ft. and I do not know many electricians who would install a 200 A service in a 10,000+ Sq.Ft house unless everything was GAS...and even then based on the square footage and code.....would have to be larger than 200A.....

I would venture to guess the unit at the house between a 1.5 Ton and 3 Ton and could even possible be a 5 Ton.....

Again if the largest loads in your house are as listed before as well as the AC should be fine to add on.....

As Rac said......check to see if any tandom breakers are avail.

I just had to ask you my friend because the 15 Ton units I have seen look like small YUGO's without
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Ok well it's not a small Yugo, but more like a 2.5wx2.5dx3.5H so it's probably a 5T unit.

Thanks, this is going to be a useful place.

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