Installing a double breaker


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Installing a double breaker

Two years ago I had my service changed and the pump to my lawn sprinkler has not worked since. After two Pump folks told me my pump was shot someone thankfully noticed that it simply was attached to a 15 amp circuit.

So I need to add a 240 double breaker which I can since it is the there are two slots left. The wire coming into the box from the pump is 10-2 so I plan on disconnecting the old circuit breaker, attach the black to one side of the new breaker, disconnect the neutral and connect that to the other side of the new breaker and slide it in. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

My question is what amp should I buy ?
The pump says: 230 Volts
Amp 6.4
SF Max Amp 8.0

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Firstly, I could not tell you what pump you should by as that is going to pertain to the type of lawn sprinkler system you have and on that I would suggest you contact the company that installed it or the maker of the system you actually have and they will suggest the correct size and model to use.

On the breaker issue..I can help their.....

You need to make sure the pump you are dealing with is 100% 240V ( nominal ) or 230 in your case listing....also important to make sure the wires you are talking about in the panel are 100% sure the wires you are dealing with out at the pump location....

Best way to check that is with a volt should go to the pump and check between the HOT and Neutral and get 120V ( nominal )..if so then turn off that breaker and verify it kills the circuit at the pump....

OK...with that taken care of.....install the breaker JUST as you have stated and you should be fine....

Notice: Becareful in your panel....the buss is LIVE and anything metal that touches it can be energized and it only takes 1/10th of an 1 AMP to kill you if you are grounding right...or should I say WRONG... Just work with constant caution when working in a live panel.

Almost forgot....your question...if the wire is 10 AWG and your pump is only going to pull 8 amps MAX I would simply get a 2 pole 20A breaker and you should be all could go with a 2 pole 15A but have 10 AWG wire to the are fine with 20A...which is what I would put.

Heck...let your budget be your guide...price the 2 Pole 15A and 2 pole 20A and both of which will do fine...again I would go for the 20A

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