no power to ceiling lights

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no power to ceiling lights

I came home lastnight and turned on my ceiling light in the kitch, there was a bit of a bang and the lights would not come on. I have the old fashioned push curcuit breakers, i turned off the power and found the breaker that had blown and put in some new 5amp fuse wire.
Now for whatever reason i have no power to any ceiling light in my house, i changed the other 5amp fuse in the fuse box just in case and still nothing.
Could someone please advise me on the possible causes.
many thanx
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OK let me say I am probably going to get some playful ribbing from RAC and JOHN when I make this next statement....might even get ribbed from Speedy on this...BUT.......Those Push Button Circuit Breakers are a bit before my old fellas...laugh at me.. ( P.S. I really dont know your ages guys so I am just ribbing ya...)

No actually, I would probably venture to say you have an old house where they probably put all the lighting on one circuit and when you had the short it may have melted the splice point in the fixture that feeds the rest of the house.

You need to determine that you panel itself as power to the BUSS point in question to narrow down the problem from being a wiring issue or a panel issue and usually taking a volt meter reading from the load side of the breaker will tell you if the breaker is fine or something is wrong AHEAD of the not take working in a panel lightly...and with those older ones use even more caution.

I am sure JOHN and RAC and others will chime in to assist you even more but if I were on the call I would first verify the panel is working fine and the breaker is working by checking the load side of the breaker for voltage...then moving on to the lights...

For example the first place I would start if the panel checks out is the SWITCH and LIGHT that started the issue in the first place.....chances are in one of those points you have a fault that might have caused the connection to melt and stop the connection....but that is what I would check and in that exact order....

Electricians can say a million things...but what we do on the JOB says it all and since you can PIN POINT an exact act that caused it that is where you would start.....BECAREFUL !

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