Garage Wiring


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Garage Wiring

My detached garage is wired with a single strand of romex running from my box in my basement, up the outside of my house to about 15 feet, across my yard to my gargage. The protective sheathing has all but fallen off, exposing the black and white strands inside. Can I replace this wire with an outdoor-grade romex, or does all exterior wire now have to be run in conduit? Am I better off consulting an electrician?
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You're perfectly fine running a new supply line underground using underground wiring, without needing to run it inside conduit. Trench it 18" deep and size the wire according to the garage's needs.
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Thanks for that...perhaps I was unclear in my earlier post, or perhaps it's not an option, but can I run it overhead? That's the way it is currently installed.
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Romex was the wrong wire for that job as you have found out. You need to run the proper arial feeder cable. It will have a messenger wire for support.
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That's what I needed to know...the current installation came with the house, so I figured it was done aerial feeder cable something I can get at say, the local Home Depot? My supply needs are very outdoor floodlight and an outlet for an occasional weed eater...What brand-type-guage do I look for?
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I have never seen messenger cable at Home Depot or any other home center. Can you bury a cable? That would be a much better (and simpler) solution, and it looks nicer too.
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Unfortunately, I have a flagstone patio on the back of the house, so I would have to go way out of my way to trench around that and over to the garage. Plus, I don't feel like trashing my backyard after finally getting some grass growing there. Looks like I'll consult with an electrician. Thanks for your help.

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