GFI - will it do me any good?

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Question GFI - will it do me any good?

We just bought an older home. When hooking up my computers, I needed a 3 hole-receptacle but there were none in the room. So I carefully turned power off and opened the 2-hole outlet. I found that there was no ground wire at all in the rough-in. I looked at other rooms with 3-hole outlets and all the 3 hole outlets have their ground screw not connected to anything.

I am thinking of installing GFIs one per room. Will GFI do me any good, since the house seems to lack ground wires anywhere? (The panel is grounded to water pipe, though).

If installing GFI is useful, I have couple questions.
1. What do I do with the gound screw on the GFIs? Just lleave them unconnected?
2. Will GFI still work with only hot and neutral connected?

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A GFCI may be installed in a circuit without an equipment grounding conductor, such as you are describing. You simply leave the ground screw disconnected. Add the little 'no equipment ground' sticker.

This will provide additional _safety_ by protecting people from current flowing outside of the intended circuit. A GFCI will work just fine with just the hot and neutral wires.

However it won't provide a proper ground for things such as surge suppressors and computers.

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For your computers (and any surge supressors, UPS devices, etc.) you need a proper ground. Your computer may very well run okay without a proper ground, but you still want a ground so that the metal case and any metal parts will be properly grounded.
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Originally Posted by novicecanuck
I am thinking of installing GFIs one per room. Will GFI do me any good, since the house seems to lack ground wires anywhere?
GFCI will add safety from electrocution, but as others have said will provide no protection to your computers. One important thing to recognize is that you need one GFCI per circuit, which may or may not be one per room. Determining how your circuits are laid out will likely take a Saturday, but it is a good idea to know this information.

To protect everything on each circuit, the GFCI must be the first device on the circuit and the wires to the panel box must connect to LINE side of the GFCI and the wires to the next light/receptacle must connect to the LOAD side of the GFCI.

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