light bulbs burn out quickly


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Red face light bulbs burn out quickly

My sister-in-law owns a house that is approximately 45 years old. She has to replace the light bulbs in the existing light fixtures quite often. She has replaced a couple of the fixtures and they don't seem to go through bulbs like the old fixtures. Got any idea why that might be?
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There are more than a dozen possible reasons for short bulb life. Vibration and heat are common causes. Make sure you have national name brand bulbs, that their wattage is within the specified limits of the fixture, and that nobody is jumping up and down on the floor above. One really good solution is to buy bulbs marked "130V", which are available at better hardware stores.
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How close does she live to the substation or regulator feeding her? If she is relatively close, it would not be unusaul for her to get 125/250 v. or even 128/256 v. as a "normal" voltage at peak consumption hours. The Transmission company that feeds our utility limits their regulation at 130 if she lived right outside of one of their substations, she might see 130/260 v. at peak.

Another possibility is a loose neutral. This causes the voltage in the house to shift according to load. An easy way to check for this is (if you don't have a voltmeter), with all the lights in the house on, to turn on a heavy 120 volt load (like a microwave oven). If you see some of the lights in the house get brighter when it cuts on, you have a neutral problem and need an electrician.

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