Adding electricity to an addition.


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Adding electricity to an addition.

I am adding 7 to 8 new circuits to an addition of my home. All of the wires for the addition need to pass through a cement block wall in the basement to reach the service panel. Can I pass all of the wires (all Romex) through the same hole in the block? I intend to place a piece of plastic conduit in the hole to protect the wires. My concern is the derating of the current carrying capacity of the circuits. All of the circuits are either for lighting or for receptacles. This work will have to be inspected.
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Doug P,

If the wires are going through the pipe for protection and it is less than 24 inches ( a nipple ) then you do not need to worry about derating anything.

However, the wires can't be cramed in the pipe or you risk issues with NM Jacket just stick a 2" PVC through it and you should be fine and just be sure it is under 24 inches.
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That must be one big addition you're doing....7-8 circuits?...Like the other poster mentioned I would run it through some PVC just to be safe.

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Adding electrical circuits to addition


Thanks for the reply. I will take your suggestion and run the wires through PVC through the cement block wall.

Doug P
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If you're running that many wires, I'd put a subpanel out in the addition if you have the ability to do so. It'll free up that many slots in your main panel and could make it easier to add the circuits for the addition (won't have to run as far). One issue you'll run into is derating if you attempt to run all 7-8 circuits in 1 big bundle from your main panel through the basement to the concrete wall.

Just a thought,

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Adding electricity to an addition


Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into the thought of adding a subpanel for the addition.


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