12/2 in cct breaker panel


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12/2 in cct breaker panel

I wired a 20amp. breaker for my new central vac. I used 12/2 from panel to outlet in the garage as stated in the wiring instructions. This 12/2 wire has a red outer covering and wires inside are black and red with the usual bare copper ground. Which color goes to the breaker switch and what color goes to the neural bar ( usually white ) inside the electrical panel? Or does it matter as long as they are the same configuration in the outlet? I don't want the inspector to come back later because I screwed up!!!!Thanks for any help.
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Is this a 240-volt unit? If so, and if you bought a double-pole (double-wide) breakers, you can use this cable (I think--I'd like to know more about what kind of cable it is).

If this is a 120-volt unit, you need different cable.

Tell us what voltage the unit is, what kind of cable you have (what does it say on the packaging and/or side of the cable), and what country you live in.
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I am in Ontario, Canada.It is for a 120v.This was the only 12/2 cable they had.It is already run and strapped nearly 30m from breaker to outlet.Please say I don't have to run it again!!!!!!!!!!!
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This would not be legal in the U.S., but I'm no expert on Ontario codes. We do have several Ontario experts who frequent this forum, so stay tuned here and I'm sure you'll get some Ontario-specific advice.

Is this "NMD" cable? If not, what does it say on it?
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I am also not completely up on Canadian code, but NM is pretty much the same stuff up there just called by a different name.
And why a red sheathing? Could this be some sort of emergency system or alarm cable?

I can't see how a cable with only a black and red would be legal for ANY 120 volt circuit, regardless of location.
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Well, you could certainly use the cable as part of a switch loop on 120 volt circuit. But why would you bother, since you can use regular cable with white and black wires for the same switch loop?
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It's called heatex cable. I have lso heard it called tek cable. It's used for 240v heaters and water heater. Not legal for your use as it does not have white wire.

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Thanks to everyone to reply.I went to an elecrical supply store instead of the idiot Big Box and they sold me the correct 12/2 for the vacuum. It is yellow sheath with the correct black and white inside.Running 75ft. the second time was alot quicker and I am now much wiser.From now on I will check with this great forum instead of listening to some kid at the Big Box. Thanks again to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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