Breaker Replacement Cost


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Breaker Replacement Cost

I recently received a statement for $832.... the electrical contractor's description of work completed follows...

-remove existing guts from breaker box
-provide and install a new panel guts and remodify to fit the existing breaker box
-provide and install new circuit breakers to replace old ones
-perform all necessary testing for proper function and label each circuit to its own designated breaker

This was in a 1br 1bath condo located in Northern Oahu. The service box is built into a kitchen area wall and probably contains no more than 8 circuits.
Though I agree the work needed to be completed, the price seems a tad high to me. Can anyone tell me if I am right (or wrong) before I advise the resident manager that a second opinion would have been a good idea on this one?

Thank you..... Gene34
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The price is in the right ballpark, although it might be a bit high. Another quote or two is always a good idea no matter what the number is.
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This is in Hawai? Sounds like it might be deal to me. Do you know how long they were there working?
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Appreciate the response guys....... Yes, this is in Hawaii, where apparently EVERYTHING costs more than on the mainland. One can understand why this would apply to the parts (in this application) but when it comes to changing the proverbial light bulb it should only take one non-imported worker to do the job. I do not know how long they were working on this project. The manager did tell me that they have been redoing a number of these service boxes lately.. perhaps we should ask if a quantity discount was applied. Thanks again!
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-provide and install a new panel guts and remodify to fit the existing breaker box
This is the only part that concerns me is when someone " remodifies " something to make it in this "remodification " was the job inspected? Did the contractor pull a permit becase I did not see that in your specifics of the costs?

Sure we have to modify somethings but still need to maintain the bonding issues and stability of the circuit and so on, I am not saying they did not but just wanted to see if it was inspected.

As for the price....sounds to me like they did a service change with out the physical change...meaning I guess they just took the open box and took new guts from another brand and made it work in the box....anyway we do things like that sometimes as Electricians have to work with what we have sometimes....But always get it inspected so the liability is checked off because our contractor insurance requires that of us here in VA...

As for price....sounds about right for Hawaii and yes everything is inflated in price their....everything has to be flown in or shipped in and adds to the cost as here probably $ 550.00 for the an additional $ 250.00 to cover the overhead and increased cost of living is not uncommon if you are going to live in LUXURY

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