30 amp circuit


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30 amp circuit

Should i use 8 or 10 guage wire? Thank you Bill
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You can use 10 AWG for your 30 Amp circuit. Now I can't go without adding you can also use the # 8 AWG as well for a 30A circuit but would be more expensive and overkill since the NEC clearly states for a 30A circuit you can use # 10 AWG.

Let us know how your project works out.
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I think a question that need to be asked is what this circuit is for.
Also how long is the run?
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Great Point Speedy....guess I assumed the poster already had that information and just needed to know the wire size for a 30A circuit. If the issue is length and voltage drop and so on jarhead then check out the online calculator below.


Simply plug in 120V, 10 AWG, length of the run and amp draw of the circuit in question. Keep the VD below 5 %..

Or basically if the 30A circuit is to supply a item less than 80' away...even at the 30A MAX draw which I doubt will happen but only YOU know that you should be fine....If over 80' you will need to size up your wire to decrease the voltage loss.

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