Curious about direct burial wiring


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Curious about direct burial wiring

I am installing a sprinkler system and plan to use 7 strand low voltage direct burial cable.
I am curious about the ability of the cable to hold up in an area known to have plenty of fire ants.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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hmmm...ok got me on that one. I would think the jacket would not be very appealing to Fire Ants but again thats just

As for the wire....I would think any direct bury rated jacket would be fine and hold up as I just can't picture fire ants biting into it besides it might just put off enough magnetic field that they would not venture near it but again who knows...I think it's a call for the Orkan Man !!!! :mask:
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I've seen rodents knaw insulation off direct burial wire of various kinds, but never insect damage. Burial rated wire is somewhat resistant to sharp stones and other "stuff" that may be underground, so the ants would really have to work to get through.
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I worked on a pipeline in Texas and I can tell you from experience that fireants are attracted to electricity. I doubt that they can gnaw through the cable, but they will be attratcted to any open connections. We had a problem with them getting into relay contacts and getting squished they kept this up until there were enough dead ant bodies to keep the relay from closing completely. Blow out the dead ants and spray down the equipment with bug killer and the problem was fixed. It might help you find any wire breaks. Just look for the fire ant nests....
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That's been my experience for the most part. I've seen them congregate at the A/C cut-out, and I've seen them group up in my low voltage light fixtures. They really seem to like making their dirt mounds in my light fixtures. So I was thinking that they might leave my "wiring" alone. I was just curious if anyone had actually had them "eat" thru the sheathing.

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