wire size


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wire size

i want to run #6 wire for a distance of 150 ft. is this wire heavy enough to carry the amp load of 50 amps at that distance.
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You need to specify your question much better than this.

What voltage (12V, 120V, 240V)? What kind of insulation (NM-B, UF-B, MC, THHN in conduit, etc)? What kind of conductor (Copper, Aluminium)? What kind of load(mixed, lighting, big motor, fusion home energy unit, etc.)?

There are two issues with conductor sizing: minimum ampacity of the conductors and voltage drop in the conductors. #6 Cu in all common insulation systems can carry 50A; #6 Al in _some_ insulation systems can carry 50A. The voltage drop for #6Cu carring 50A over a 150 foot round trip is about 6V, more than acceptable at 240V system voltage, barely acceptable at 120V, and totally unacceptable at 12V.

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I agree with winnie, its best to include the relevent info, that is a very vague question. 6 will carry 50 but how well is another issue. What are you running?

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