Attic fan question


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Attic fan question

When I get my roof redone I am going to remove my two attic fans and have just a ridge vent installed.

My question is they are wired to a switch in my hall and wired to what appears to be a deticated 20 amp circuit.

I would not mind at all leaving the wireing in the attic in case I decide to use it for lights or some other thing in the future is there a way to terminate the two wires safely then just leave the switch off?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpfull.
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Mount an electrical junction box to a framing member where the fans used to be. Feed the ends of the wires into the box and cap each wire separately with a wire nut. Then put a blank cover plate on the box. You might even want to write a note on the cover plate or the framing member with a Sharpie telling what this used to be used for. Staple the cable (not too tight) to a framing member about 6 inches outside the box.
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Then can I just turn the switch off or the switch and the breaker(assuming there is indeed nothing else on that leg) or does it matter.
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I concur..Captain.....

Ally...basically if you do what John says it wont matter as the junction box and the wirenuts will protect the end line from coming in contact with anything and if it is truly a dedicated wont matter if you turn on the switch or wont do anything and to be honest with you just leave the breaker on in the need to go hunting around for that unless you really want to....or if you wish to turn the circuit OFF before you start the junction box process...which in that case if you want to leave it off that is fine also.

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