emergincy! loss of power=dead reef aquarium


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emergincy! loss of power=dead reef aquarium

today i discovered that two of my upstair bedrooms have no p[owere coming to the outlets or lights. My master bathroom, which is connected to one of the powerless rooms, has an outlet that workd but the light/fan fail to work. I thought maybe it was a tripped breaker. It was not. I turned off then on breakers. I also cut the main breaker off and each one seperately several times. still nothing. I find this weird since the breaker shows that I do not have any problems. Any help would help me out as I have expensive reef tanks in these rooms. I supect that i have overloaded these recepticles. Is there a way to test for shorts? Also is there anything else that could be causeing this. The other bedroom, bathroom, and hall all work fine. Thank you very much
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1.) Make sure you have reset the breakers CORRECTLY, many people do not know that you have to make sure you turn the breaker all the way off ( Hard ) and then back on.....many get fooled when trying to reset breakers because they do not go to OFF first before resetting.

2.) It could be a Back Wire Issue, the best way to approach this would be to try and find the closest recept. that is dead to the panel location and remove that recept ( with care and caution as dead does not mean it is not still HOT because of a back back wire ) and see if you have voltage at the recept....you may need to remove it from the back wire to check this...

NOTE: Be very careful.....you will also need a Neon Tester which checks for voltage and can be purchased at your local mega hardware store.

3.) Are you finding EVERY recept in that room is not working....if this is the case either the first in the feed is a bad recept. or the breaker is not working or functioning correctly and would lead me into # 4...

4.) I would check with the neon tester ( and if your panel is labeled correctly ) the terminal on the breaker with one end of the neon tester and take the other end to the ground bar.....and make sure you have current when on.....could simply be a loose wire in the panel so you need to check the circuit connection and since you said you tried to reset it you know which breaker it is it seems.

5.) I could go into all the possible things it could be and the imagination could run wild...but keep focused on the things above and it may require removing many recepts to check the circuit.....but if I were on the job I would do step 1,4 and 5 first and narrow it down from their.

Please post back with what you find and we can then venture into more details and more suggestions based on what you find.

NOTE: BE CAREFUL as electricity can kill...it only takes 1/10th of 1 AMP to kill you and the basic circuit as 15 AMPS.....so know what you are doing, know what you are touching and if all else fails..when working in a panel...keep one hand in your pocket....
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thanks a bunch

electricman...thank you very much. I appreciate the info; it is very detailed, exactaly what i was hoping for. Ill post back soon. Once again thank you very much!!!!!
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GFCI ? Have you checked all, including those you forgot you had ? That would be my step two after checking that the breakers are on.
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Good point...however I sure hope they did not put a GFCI on the bedroom...lol.....but you never know.

Also lukeman I did not refer to AFCI because you said you had checked the breaker and figured you would post if it was a reset AFCI breaker....but just in case if your home was wired after 2002.....I use that date loose because some AHJ were slow to mandate....it may be a AFCI needs reset.....but again I don't think it is that either....but worth adding to the LIST....

Keep us posted..........

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