Dedicated circuit


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Dedicated circuit

My existing over the range microwave oven went out. The manufacturer of the new microwave recommends a dedicated circuit. The receptacle for the old microwave is part of a branch circuit but has one wire coming into the box
so it appears to be at the end of the circuit.
Can I tie off this wire and have the dedicated line both in the same box? Or can I put in a 2-gang box and keep the existing receptacle plus run the dedicated wiring so that both are in the same box, one receptacle a 20 amp dedicated and one a 15 amp? The existing wiring is 14 gauge and the dedicated will be 12.
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Either of your ideas would be okay. Personally, I would cap off the existing run with a single wire nut on each of the black and white, and run the new 12-2/g romex into the existing box. You need to tie all of the grounds together, even if you cap off the old hot and neutral. Also, if this is a metal box, there should be a pigtailed ground to the box connected with a green screw and a pigtailed ground to the receptacle itself. How often are you really going to use that old 15A receptacle in the cabinet above the stove?
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Dedicated circuit

Thanks for your response. The 15 amp receptacle would probably never be used. It was just a way of dealing with the existing wiring. So I will go with your recommendation. It will be the easiest.

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