HELP installing 220 line.


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Exclamation HELP installing 220 line.

Please help father who is quite handy, but has had very limited electrical experience, thinks he can install a 220 line by himself.
"I have been thinking about it and I think I can handle it". He says.
Can an amature complete this project? Will it be safe?
I will take any advice, Charlie
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Yes, this is something an amateur can do. Can your father do it? Perhaps yes, perhaps no. What is the extent of his electrical knowledge and experience? Has he installed 120 volt circuits? has he ever opened a circuit breaker panel before?

Electricity can kill. It's no place for the feint of heart. But on the other hand, it's not that difficult to perform many tasks either.

What is this new line for? Where does it need to go (how far and through what)?

Why don't you describe the project and your father's experience (as best you can).
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HELP installing 220 line

The 220 line is for a 28,000 btu AC. The breaker box is in the basement, under the room where the AC is. Mabey 10 feet away and down to the box.
Dad had troubles with electricity before. This is a very old house that has never been rewired unless the project called for it. He had difficulty installing a ceiling fan and light fixtures, but swears that because this job will be installing new wires, he thinks that it will be easier than messing with the current wiring. Is it a simple as installing the outlet and running the wire to the breaker box? Charlie
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Installing a 220-volt circuit is no harder than installing a 110-volt circuit. In fact, the work to be done is almost exactly the same.

We'll be happy to double-check the work. Post all the electrical specs on the A/C nameplate. Then tell us exactly what breaker, what cable, and what receptacle he plans to use, and we'll tell you whether everything seems okay.

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