3 season room rewire.


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3 season room rewire.

Is there a way to wire a circuit as such that you could wire a ceiling fan/light (to use both the fan and light) and then from the ceiling fan/light wire to an outlet and keep that outlet always hot? I ask this because in the 3 season room i must rewire, geographically speaking, the last outlet is on the opposite wall of the first outlet in the circuit, with the ceiling light receptacle in the middle of them. I was trying to make it easy by going from A to B to C to D(outlet - ceiling fan/light switches - ceiling fan - outlet), but i can only see it working by going from A to D to B to C (outlet - outlet - switches - ceiling fan/light), which would make me go across the ceiling 3 times. The switches must stay on the wall of the first outlet because that is the only real wall i have, the rest of the walls are floor to ceiling screens except for the support where the last outlet is located. I figured i would ask before i started any work.

Thanks again,
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You can do what you want, you just need different cable.

From the switches to the fan/light you would need 14-4 (or 12-4) with ground. The four conductors would be a neutral, an always hot, a switched hot for the fan and a switched hot for the light. This cable is sometimes called 14-2-2, with two wires identified for neutrals and two for hots. You just re-identify one of the neutrals as a hot.

Your other alternative is to have two cables coming from the switches. One goes to the fan/light, the other goes to the receptacle across the room.
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The solution that uses the shortest amount of cable is not always the best solution. If you need to go across the ceiling three times, then don't be afraid to go across the ceiling three times.
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Have you considered a paddle fan / light kit with remote control. I am looking at a new paddle fan and found that the big box stores have the add on remotes for $ 30.00 or less. All control the fan and light and some even have a dimmer circuit for the light.
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thank you very much

once again. It's great to see multiple solutions and be able to look at the problem from a different angle.


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