need help putting in new plugs and switches


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need help putting in new plugs and switches

How high do you put plugs and switches from the floor
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Well.....that can flux a little depending on the Electrician and homeowner but in our firm we do the following:

Recepts - 16" to top of box
Switches- 48" to top of box
Kitchen Counters- 48" to top of box

Hope this helps....I know my brother who is ALSO an electrician likes his recepts to be 18" to top and his switches to be 50" to top of box so it can vary but those above keep you out of trouble on counter tops and so on.

FYI- Their is no real restriction on the recepts and switches for height other than being practicle.....EXCEPT on the counter top where the recepts can't be higher than 20" above the counter top surface......

The heights are a convience thing but you could put the recepts down at 6" off the floor if you wanted or 24" off the floor...but most do not in normal layouts...We put the recepts higher in garages and so on....but the above is a general rule most electricians will be within a few inches of the listed above.
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thanks for your help
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If the dimensions will be applied to a "new-work" lay-out, it's best to set the switch outlet-boxes at a height below the point where the two sheets of sheetrock applied to the walls abut. This is to avoid having the O-B at the same height above the floor as the "joint" between the two sheets; tends to be "messy" when the joint-compound is applied and you will have smooth and firm surfaces around the box it it's set where the sheet surrounds all four sides of the O-B.

Consider a height-to center of 42"-44" .

Good Luck & Enjoy the Experience!!!!!!!!!!

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