Bathtub shocks when you touch faucet


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Bathtub shocks when you touch faucet

When you are in turn the water on in my bathroom you get a shock. Someone said that my ground was probably connected to my plumbing and that I porbably had an open ground. Input greatly appreciated on how to correct.
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Call an electrician to check this ASAP. And don't use any faucets that you encounter this problem with until its been checked out and fixed. Just because its a mild shock now doesn't mean it cant be far worse the next time.
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There are many scenarios that can cause this very dangerous problem. Most of which will require a professional to safely measure and correct. If you try to troubleshoot this yourself, DO NOT use your body as a tester! DO NOT use this tub or plumbing until it is checked out!

Using a proper analog voltage meter (digital will give false readings), measure the voltage from the tub to the faucet. If you get a non-zero reading, start turning off breakers in your main panel until you find the one that makes the voltage go away. I'd start with the electric water heater if you have one; continue with other electric-water appliances like the well pump, sewage grinder, garbage disposal, washers, etc. Try the main breaker also. If one of those corrects the problem, leave it off until the electrician gets there.

If none of those work, then one of your neighbors has a broken neutral connection, and their power is coming into your house through the plumbing.

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