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advice needed

Our local utility is offering a deal: reduce electric consumption by 20% in July/Aug/Sept compared to last year; then in Oct/Nov they will credit back an amount equal to the reduction.

We live in a small condo. In May and June, using no heat and no A/C, our consumption was 10.5 Kwh per day. Refrigerator, electric dryer, 2 (19" ) TV, computer, assorted "cubes" for ans. machine, etc. What can we reasonably do to reduce this by 20% ?
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Originally Posted by 594tough
2 (19" ) TV, computer, assorted "cubes" for ans. machine, etc.
These things have a negligible effect on energy consumption, unless of course you have literally dozens of items. In the average home you'd need to leave on every TV & radio, and be using the computer for days to see any noticable increase. It's not like you can unplug your phones and answering machine also.
Look for items that heat, cool, light substantially or move. Motors and heaters are the biggest draws. (eg: electric heat and A/C). Electronics are minimal draws.
Line dry clothes, use less hot water, these types of things will help tremendously.

IMO 20% is a ton in the summer time. I don't deal with the heat very well and I could not see myself dealing without the A/C 20% of the time. We run it when it is reasonable, and turn it off when not. It is in the high 60's right now and the A/C is off and windows open. The last few days it has been in the 90's during the day & 70's all night long and the A/C has stayed on.

Besides, this is 20% less than last year. What are they going to do next year?
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This deal is obviously targetted at users of air conditioning, which you are not. I think it would be almost impossible to decrease your usage by 20% without seriously altering your lifestyle (no TV, showers, or lights). 10.5 kWh / day is already quite low in my opinion.

Line dry clothing, use little/no hot water if you have an electric water heater (wash cloths in cold water), don't use the heat dry cycle of your dishwasher (if so equipped). Unplug that second fridge if you have a "beer fridge".

Just out of curiosity, what part of the country are you in that the utility would make this sort of drastic demand response request of residential users? Single-digit percentages of demand response is not uncommon for industrial and commercial users, but 20% for residential is staggering!

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