hayward H series pool heater- how to wire?


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hayward H series pool heater- how to wire?

just purchased this unit, the diagram shows 2 wires coming from field but does not say hot from neutral the posts on the board has a 1 & a 2, am I to assume hot goes to 1 and neutral goes to 2? HELP HELP!

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Tell us the information on the data plate. Volts, watts, amps, fuse sizing, etc... Don't assume anything with electrical requirements.
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hayward H pool heater

wiring has a conection block pointing out says field supply wiring block has a 1 and a 2 on it and of course the ground is next to it very vauge, also says 120 vac voltage
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What model# of H series heater is it....ie....H100....H100D1...etc? These are gas heaters correct? I see two choices here... contact Hayward thru their website..http://www.haywardnet.com/ for clarification.
Or give us the Model # and we may be able to pull the wirings instructions from an instruction manual listed on their website.
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hayward H pool heater

Its a H400IDL2, hayward gas heater, Ive been rackin my brain trying to figure this out, even went to the hayward site and couldnt make hide nor hair of it, the pool place where I purchased it says I have to call, make an appointment to talk to the tech? go figure. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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