Old House Not Grounded


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Old House Not Grounded

Hello all. I recently moved into a house that I am renting. I noticed after moving in that some of the electrical outlets only had two prongs. I recall in the place before last, it was the same, I simply added three pronged recepticles there. Here, however, I found that the boxes were not grounded, and that there were only two wires in the boxes. Three outlets in the entire place have three pronged outlets, and two are ungrounded. One, however, is. It seems as though some new wire was run (I check in the basement) to this one outlet, while the others were neglected. I have very little experience, and was unable to determine much more. I got a continuity tester, and was told that by testing for continuity between the hot and the grounding post/recepticle box, I would be able to determine if there was a ground. Again, only the one outlet showed a ground. Is there anything I can do that would be relatively inexpensive (I'm a college student, on my own) that would make a ground for even one outlet? Sorry that I don't know a lot about this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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If your goal is to have a grounded outlet with three prongs, then you will have to run a new circuit back to the main panel.
If however your goal is to have just three prongs, and no ground, then replace the two prong receptacle with a GFCI type.
Keep in mind, most Landlords do not want a tenant doing electrical work in an apartment.
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Originally Posted by leodeboe
house that I am renting
Call the landlord. First see if he will do it. If not, ask him for permission to do it; written is best. If either of those falls through, don't do it.

If this is a commercial property, a licenced electrician may be required depending on your city and state. The landlord may give you the option of hiring a professional to come in if he's unwilling to do the work.

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