Run UF cable on deck?


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Run UF cable on deck?


Can UF cable be run exposed on the roof of a wooden deck to power lights?
Also, current lights on my deck are obviously illegal as they have exposed wire nuts to connect to power cable. I would guess that a watertight box is required. Do they make 120V outdoor lights with the box as part of the light to simplify installation?

Also, previous owner of house expanded the flourescent garage lighting by daisy chaining additional units using exposed romex on a finished drywall ceiling (romex is secured to surface of drywall). I assume this is illegal. If so I'll correct with metal surface conduit.

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So were the lights wire and your power wire are connected it is just out in the weather and rain and such?
I have never seen a box and light but i think they sell waterproof surface mount boxes for outside that the lights can mount to not sure tho I am sure someone else can answer better than me.
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"on the roof" as in the top side of the roof, facing the sky? The answer would probably be yes as long as the cable was marked "sunlight resistant".

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