GFI issue


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GFI issue

The GFI outlet in my bathroom stopped working. I shut off the breaker to replace the light fixture and a light switch. Didn't touch the GFI at all. When I turned the breaker back on, everything worked fine except the GFI. Everything appears normal. Don't need to reset, that looks fine. Any suggestions?
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Are you sure you lights and switch are on the same circuit as the GFCI rececpt...

Very well could be a bad GFCI recept. but could also be a ground fault in the circuit itself....

The best thing to do is remove the GFCI recept and using a neon tester or volt meter check the LINE side of the GFCI unit to make sure voltage is at the GFCI recept......If is is not then obviously the issue is before that at the panel and so on.......

But verify you have voltage to the LINE side of the GFCI and and then verify voltage on the load side.....if the load side has voltage then is can only be a bad GFCI socket......

If the load side has no voltage...but the lights in the room work then you know it is not on the same circuit as the GFCI.....

Hope this helps

P.S. Just in case all your items ARE on the same circuit......did you make a note of how your switch was wired and put it back the exact same way it was with all the joints done the same way....just in case.
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In what order do these devices appear on the circuit? Is the GFCI first? last?

I am thinking that you mis wired something. Does the GFCI work with the light switch on?

Determine if there is power getting to the GFCI, and make sure that you have the wires connected to the LINE side of the GFCI.
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"Everything appears normal. Don't need to reset, that looks fine."
Not to ask too simple of a question but did you actually try to reset it?
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Thanks for the responses. Turns out the connection from the light switch to the GFCI had broken off (but stayed in position) when we tightened it down and put the switch plate back on. Everything "looked" just fine, but when we took the switch back out, it was very evident what the issue was.

Thanks again for the responses.

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